In a previous post I mentioned the book, Younger Next Year for Women by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. This book was life changing for me and I now use it as my life’s guidebook. Whenever I feel like I’ve lost sight of the path of this journey I’m on, I always go back to this book to help me find my way back to the path. I have pages marked with tabs and passages highlighted.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding the motivation to go workout. So today when I picked up the book, I turned to the first page I had tabbed and on that page I had highlighted: “Our lifestyle- especially as we age, especially in this wonderful country is a disease more deadly than cancer, war, or plague” (page 49). This is referring to the sedentary lifestyle most Americans live. The authors’ argument is that our body is going to decay no matter what, but that there are things we can do to slow down that decay. They say that being sedentary is the biggest signal we give our body telling it to decay, but if you are physically active, the signal of growth can drown out that signal of decay.

images-1This was just the reminder that I needed today! I need to do something physically active every day, six days a week, for the rest of my life in order to fight off decay. And it doesn’t matter what I do, I just have to move my body. The more I do the better, but I need to make sure I at least do something every day. So today I did 50 squats, 50 modified push-ups, and 50 sit-ups. It only took me 12 minutes, but at least I did something. If I can at least do that short little workout every day, I’m continuing to fight off the decay!



Time…the age old issue: never having enough of it! 8 hours a day at work and 8 hours a day sleeping. That leaves me with 8 hours a day for everything else I need to do or want to do. That seems like a lot of time, why doesn’t if feel like a lot of time? Maybe I need to narrow it down more. So of my free 8 hours I use 3 and a half hours preparing meals, eating, getting ready for work, hygiene, and daily chores like dishes. So that leaves me with 4 and a half hours. I use 1 hour for working out, more if I travel to the gym, and a minimum of 30 minutes hanging out with my family. So I end up with 3 hours, which still seems like a lot, but doesn’t feel like it. Weekends would be a whole separate calculation, so I’m just going to focus on week days for now because that is the majority of my life. And I don’t want to “live for the weekend”. I want to find ways to enjoy the weekdays.

So the question I am dealing with right now, is how do I maximize my 3 hours a day to do things I want to do and enjoy doing, so that I fill like I’m living a fulfilled life? So the first thing I did was make a list of things I want to do. Then I paid attention to what I actually do with my time. I found that my phone, with the draw of social media, email, news, and mindless video games, was a huge time suck. Not hours at a time, but minutes here and there that add up. I’ve also discovered that if I look at my phone right before bed, I get sucked into something and end up wasting sleep time by staying up too late on the phone. I noticed that when my husband turns on the TV, I often get sucked into going and sitting with him, even though I have no interest in watching whatever he’s watching.

After this reflective work, I decided to create a plan for myself, with a schedule of sorts to make sure I was doing the things I wanted to do each day. First, when I’m at home after work, I am going to treat my phone as a phone and leave it in the bedroom, where I can hear it if it rings, but I have to walk purposefully into the room to check something else on it. By not having it constantly by my side, I’ll be less likely to pick it up and get sucked into wasting time. When you search time management on the internet, you will see over and over again the idea of a schedule. So my schedule isn’t going to be time bound, but more of an outline of what activity from my list I’m going to do each day. I should be able to spend an hour a day doing an activity and still have time to read and blog, which are also activities I want to do daily.

So that’s the plan going forward for this aspect of my life as I continue to try to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle!