Weekend Blues


What is it about the weekend? All those hours free from work and those are always the hardest days for me to get a workout in. Since I have to be to work so early on weekdays (7:30am), I savor those weekend mornings where I can sit around in my pajamas and sip coffee until 9am. Then I eat breakfast and I have to wait for some digestion to take place before I can workout, but then I get busy with some chore or other activity and forget about working out. By the time I remember, it’s time to eat lunch, so again I have to wait awhile after eating. And so the pattern continues for the rest of the day!

Another factor that affects my weekend workouts is that lately, I always feel so exhausted from the week at work. I’m not sure if it’s my age and the menopause or the high stress of my job, but I don’t remember always being this exhausted on weekends. I’ve always been a high energy, get stuff done type of person. I’ve never been one to sit around lazily watching TV or something when I could be productive. Now, every weekend, I just want to sit and read, or play some dumb candy crush video game, or even watch TV. There are some days where I don’t even have the energy to leave the house! I’ve done some reading on menopause and energy levels, and there just isn’t any conclusive evidence that menopause causes a decrease in energy levels. I know I always have more energy after I workout, but on weekends it’s like pulling teeth to get myself to do something active.

So what am I going to do in order to break this cycle? First, I’m going to make plans or dates with someone else to workout with. Whether it’s a game of tennis, a Zumba class with my daughter or even a walk with my husband, I need someone else to help hold me accountable. Second, I’m going to schedule my weekly rest day for one of the weekend days. I usually plan the rest day to be a work evening where I am busy with some other event, but I think I need to give myself the reprieve of a lazy day on the weekend in order to recover from the work week and prepare for the upcoming week of work. I need to learn to be just as flexible and easy going with myself as I am with others.

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